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Social Network

Social networks

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3 billion of people who connect every day to the Internet, absorbed for hours and hours from the virtual world. But the most important thing is the fact that most of these people spend their time on social networks. And, actually, I’m part of this category too. What’s a social network? The meaning, as mentioned …


The best Museums in 2018

Travel /

Every year, TripAdvisor’s travelers are called to create a top ten of the best emerging destinations, the best museums, attractions, holiday homes, restaurants, hotels, beaches. In short, a long list of places dedicated to tourism. Traveler’s Choice ranking However, the ranking is not drawn up through a real survey but through a particular algorithm that calculates the quality, the …


Pantone 2018 and the colour of the year

Fashion /

This year will be a provocative and thoughtful at the same time. At least, so decided Pantone, the American brand which is “law in terms of colour ranges”. Yes, because the most trendy color of the year is A18-3838, also called Ultra Violet. The History In 1963, Herbert Lawrence created an innovative system of identification, correspondence and communication of colours to solve the problems associated with …