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Travelling by car

When travelling by car…

One of the most common means of transport is definitely the car. Although the offer at our disposal is very wide. But this is what: Italians prefer the car. As proof of this, just think of the exodus and against the exodus due to the summer holidays in August. So we choose the car, but not because it is the safest means of transport, indeed. There are several risks that… Read Article →


An emotional break at the Emotional Grand Motel

Time runs faster and faster and we often find ourselves tired and stressed … almost emptied. A break is what we need. And why not, an emotional break could be a pleasant experience for anyone. And this is precisely what the Emotional Grand Motel offers. We are talking about a structure that is unique, a Luxury Motel near Borgomanero, whose characteristic and purpose is to give relax and emotions to… Read Article →


For rent…

Renting, whether it’s a house, a holiday home or even a tool or work vehicle, is something which is becomming more and more common. What is meant by “Renting” Although it is obvious let’s see what is meant by “rent something”: The lease, in law, constitutes the contract with which a party (called landlord) is obliged to allow another person (tenant) to use one thing for a certain period in… Read Article →


A pink world at the Emotional Grand Motel

The world is now invaded by hotels and hotel chains, but the novelty and the peculiarity really make the difference. Just outside Novara, we find this: a unique hotel of its kind. It is the Emotional Grand Motel. Tuareg camps, tropical paradises and even a flaming red Cadillac, are just a part of the spectacular room layouts that populate this structure. Thematic rooms Everything revolves around them: the thematic rooms…. Read Article →


Apps are usefull even to travel

Summer holidays are coming and the desire to relax is growing strongly. So today we talk about this, but also about technology. Yes‎, because travel and technology find a common denominator in the Apps. What’s an App Let’s see what an App is: In IT, a mobile application (also known by the abbreviation app) is a software application dedicated to mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. The best Apps… Read Article →


Emotional Grand Motel: thematic rooms and great emotions

Taking a break and spending time to try and feel new emotions is now possible at the Emotional Grand Motel. Charme and luxury meet in this location with a single purpose: to live a unique experience.   Emotional Grand Motel: emotion of a thousand shades To understand what I’m talking about, we have to imagine 53 thematic rooms with evocative names: Charme à Paris, Grease, Love Island, Tropical Beach, Oasis,… Read Article →

Emotional grand motel

Elegance and privacy at the Emotional Grand Motel

Luxury, elegance and privacy. Three fundamental words, apparently so different, that find a common confluence at the Emotional Grand Motel. Emotional Grand Motel Close to Novara, more precisely at the exit of the motorway A26, there is a luxury motel  unique throughout Europe. An innovative and high class structure able to accommodate and satisfy the demands of the most demanding customer. Escaping from the daily time to a day or… Read Article →


The best Museums in 2018

Every year, TripAdvisor’s travelers are called to create a top ten of the best emerging destinations, the best museums, attractions, holiday homes, restaurants, hotels, beaches. In short, a long list of places dedicated to tourism. Traveler’s Choice ranking However, the ranking is not drawn up through a real survey but through a particular algorithm that calculates the quality, the topicality and the quantity of the reviews that the structures or the destinations received from the… Read Article →