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The best Museums in 2018


Every year, TripAdvisor’s travelers are called to create a top ten of the best emerging destinations, the best museums, attractions, holiday homes, restaurants, hotels, beaches.

In short, a long list of places dedicated to tourism.

Traveler’s Choice ranking

However, the ranking is not drawn up through a real survey but through a particular algorithm that calculates the quality, the topicality and the quantity of the reviews that the structures or the destinations received from the travelers.

In short, a real ranking of popularity that is based on data already in the database of the famous travel portal.

Looking for inspiration?

If you are looking for inspiration, you can check the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice section to find something interesting for you.

Sections are divided by topics, so it is easy to surf.

The Best 2018 Museums

Here the list:

1.Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York City, New York

““Over-the-top fabulous with incredible, impeccable collections of an amazing array of furniture, art, armor, architecture, music…

2. The National WWII Museum
New Orleans, Louisiana

“It is a completely contemporary museum with interactive exhibits, amazing shows and an incredible layout.

3.Musee d’Orsay
Paris, France

All the masters. Awestruck. Started on the bottom and spiralled over several hours to the top. “

4.The Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

I’ve been visiting Chicago for 40 years, and on every visit, I go here. It never gets old. Paintings from every era”

5.State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace
St. Petersburg, Russia

“All of the world’s beauty in one museum. It lets your mind travel to all the places and eras you always wanted to go.

6.The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum
New York City, New York

“We visited the 911 Memorial and Museum. The stunning fountains which are footprints of the Twin Towers are a beautiful. As you walk around and see the names of the victims it is quite a moving experience.”

7.National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)
Mexico City, Mexico

Imposing architecture sets the scene for the first-rate sculptures, murals, carvings and artifacts giving an overview of the region…

8.Acropolis Museum
Athens, Greece

The brand new building is as stunning as the treasures it houses. A clear glass walkway reveals the ruins and current excavations…

9.Prado National Museum
Madrid, Spain

So many masterpieces, so little time. Be touristy and check them all off or just sit back and enjoy a few that speak to you.

10.Victoria and Albert Museum
Lonon, UK

Great museum with amazing temporary exhibitions

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