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E-shop: all the slutions to create it

More and more often we hear about online business that is definitely the future. To expand its own visibility and customers or to start a new business, more and more users are turning to the e-commerce world. But how to do it? What are the possibilities to open your e-shop? What is an e-shop? First of all, let’s try to understand what an e-shop is specifically: The expression online store… Read Article →

Cyber Security

Cyber Security, 7 steps to be followed

Cyber security is a topic of great relevance and exponentially increasing importance. Just think that the online permanence of an individual is now counted in daily¬† hours. This shows how much the world wild web is becoming important. But, like any reality, even the virtual one hides threats and risks. What’s Cyber Security? The meaning of Cyber Security, even said IT security, is: Cybersecurity, computer security or IT security is… Read Article →