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role of Inflammation - BPKNews

Inflammation as the Body’s Protective Barrier

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What is the role of inflammation in the body’s defence? Inflammation acts as a protective barrier of our body, activating in the presence of infections or trauma. This response has the role of recognizing, circumscribing, and neutralizing the threat while simultaneously assisting the body in regenerating damaged tissue areas. During an inflammatory episode, we observe …

Flexible truck leasing - BPKNews

Flexible Truck Leasing: Meeting Urgent Vehicle Demands

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The trend is evident; an escalating number of businesses are gravitating towards leasing corporate vehicles and vans instead of making outright purchases. On the surface, it might appear as a labyrinthine decision, but in essence, leasing unfolds a clear-cut and economical blueprint both in financial and operational terms. The prime advantage is the inherent flexibility …

Cascata d'Otro Mountain Village Eco Friendly Houses

Exploring the characteristics of eco-friendly mountain houses

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Are you looking forward to living an eco-friendly lifestyle? Then you should take a look at eco-friendly mountain houses. From this article, we will be sharing some of the prominent characteristics that you can find in eco-friendly mountain houses. Finding the ideal location for eco-friendly mountain houses Building a house on the slope of a …


For rent…

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Renting, whether it’s a house, a holiday home or even a tool or work vehicle, is something which is becomming more and more common. What is meant by “Renting” Although it is obvious let’s see what is meant by “rent something”: The lease, in law, constitutes the contract with which a party (called landlord) is …

cgt trucks

CGT Trucks: work vehicles

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The business of industrial vehicles has the name of CGT Trucks. This company, part of the DESA group, has  been linked to the Dutch DAF, leader in the sector, for a decade. CGT trucks products From Dealers Caterpillar to trucks for quarries and construction sites, through any type of road construction. This is what CGT Trucks …


RPM Garantie: the warranty in the automotive sector

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Professionalism and reliability supported by 13 years of activity make  RPM Garantie, a leading company in the automotive sector, more specifically in the guarantees related to the law of conformity. To complete the offer,  there are also several offices located throughout Europe. The law of conformity First of all we have to define the Legal …