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CGT Trucks: work vehicles

cgt trucks

The business of industrial vehicles has the name of CGT Trucks.

This company, part of the DESA group, has  been linked to the Dutch DAF, leader in the sector, for a decade.

CGT trucks products

From Dealers Caterpillar to trucks for quarries and construction sites, through any type of road construction. This is what CGT Trucks sells as a real leader.

The company started with the sole production of construction vehicles and soon expanded to industrial vehicles, which saw an exponential increase in the sales of road tractors and light vehicles.

A very important thing to note is the fact that, in addition to the actual production, the company introduces in 2012 the Long-Term Rental formula that is a great success among the operators in the sector.
Just in nine months, there were 100 vehicles hired by operators in the sector.

The fleet is constantly growing to meet the needs of the ever increasing number of customers in this field.

DAF’s patnership

As  said, it is in 2008 that the first partnership between DAF and CGT is tightened.
Since then CGT has been transformed, in 2013, into CGT Trucks, a new company based in Milan that meets the needs of the business.
In the last five years, the collaboration between CGT trucks and DAF becomes even closer.

The team

Many are the customers who have focused on this patnership, highlighting its great strength and above all the reliability of the vehicles.

But above all we talk about entrusting ourselves to a team of professional people with a long experience in the field, who have followed the “DAF Academy” training .

Nowadays, this company offers innumerable advantages to its customers, among whom the reliability and the competence in the field are certainly evident.

To find out about the entire range of vehicles and services offered by the company, see the official website of CGT Trucks.

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