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EasyDot: print services

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The company Easy Dot srl was born in 2009 thanks to Maurizio Sanzone, previously employed by Timsons Italia from 11 until its closure.

The idea of this company was born to give a service to all those who relied on the old company now closed .

Who is EasyDot?

We have already reported some data, such as the year of its birth and its founder, but it is better to add something more.

Easydot is the reference company for the European market able to offer a wide variety of services to maintain and improve the performance of printing systems.

Highly specialized staff who respond clearly to all customer needs, provide personalized assistance and advice for the maintenance, installation and handling of commercial and offset presses.

In short, choosing Easydot means having a valuable and very useful business partner.

Print Services

Now let’s see in detail the services offered.
We are talking about services ranging from A to Z for everything related to printing.

We then find representation services for Timsons, Printhouse service and used machinery. Then we still talk about technical assistance, spare parts and accessories for Man Roland machines.

And finally, sale of second-hand machinery.

Business patners

As we have already understood, EasyDot’s collaborations are aimed at Timsons regarding assistance in the purchase, installation and after-sales service of presses used for printing books.
And also to Print House Service, a German company founded by Koenig & Bauer, for which it carries out a representation service.

EasyDot philosophy

The great services offered are based on this philosophy:

We aim for excellence and share our knowledge so that users and developers can become creative and great, and we become “greative”!

Among the strong points indicated by customers we find excellent customer assistance, a good monitoring of production and an excellent management of the project.

Choosing EasyDot for print services means choosing real specialists.

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