Travelling by car

When travelling by car…

One of the most common means of transport is definitely the car. Although the offer at our disposal is very wide. But this is what: Italians prefer the car. As proof of this, just think of the exodus and against the exodus due to the summer holidays in August. So we choose the car, but not because it is the safest means of transport, indeed. There are several risks that… Read Article →

Travelling and Taste

Travelling and taste

The trip is not complete if you do not taste the local cuisine: dishes, specialties, typical products. Abroad, the comparison with our own cuisine is not so easy. Traveling with taste But the fact remains that the knowledge of a new place also passes through the taste, so we cannot just forget about this aspect. The suggestion is to try. Of course if the ants and grasshoppers cause nausea at the… Read Article →


ERP: the choise to organize your company

Technology often helps a company in multiple situations. Even the company organization is one of these. Organizing a company at a management level, but also to have a complete ideas of costs and resources is essential. To do this you can use an Italian open source management software. More specifically, the choice could fall on an ERP.  What is an ERP? First of all, let’s explain what an ERP is:… Read Article →


E-shop: all the slutions to create it

More and more often we hear about online business that is definitely the future. To expand its own visibility and customers or to start a new business, more and more users are turning to the e-commerce world. But how to do it? What are the possibilities to open your e-shop? What is an e-shop? First of all, let’s try to understand what an e-shop is specifically: The expression online store… Read Article →


An emotional break at the Emotional Grand Motel

Time runs faster and faster and we often find ourselves tired and stressed … almost emptied. A break is what we need. And why not, an emotional break could be a pleasant experience for anyone. And this is precisely what the Emotional Grand Motel offers. We are talking about a structure that is unique, a Luxury Motel near Borgomanero, whose characteristic and purpose is to give relax and emotions to… Read Article →

New Car Warranty RPM

Changing your car, the steps

Changing your car in favor of a new one – sometimes even used – is often done according to specific needs. For example if the car has already traveled many miles or has already several years. But many times, especially in Italy, the change is made to chase a trend more than a necessity. Be carefull, though! The change must be made according to criteria  not to experience unpleasant surprises…. Read Article →


For rent…

Renting, whether it’s a house, a holiday home or even a tool or work vehicle, is something which is becomming more and more common. What is meant by “Renting” Although it is obvious let’s see what is meant by “rent something”: The lease, in law, constitutes the contract with which a party (called landlord) is obliged to allow another person (tenant) to use one thing for a certain period in… Read Article →

Novak greenhouses-and-gardening

Novak greenhouses and gardening

NOVAK has been marketing and manufacturing laser and gps graders since 1983. We have already talked about this before, but it is good to go deeper into the subject. Novak products Novak products are many but their main function is to facilitate the performance of a job. Jobs in the field of agriculture, construction, and yet greenhouses and gardening. So let’s see right away how Novak focuses on two particular… Read Article →

laser technology

Laser technology in working machines

Laser technology made its debut in the seventies and since then the sectors in which it is used have grown dramatically. What is the laser? The laser is a device capable of emitting a coherent light beam. The term refers not only to the device but also to the physical phenomenon of amplification by stimulated emission of an electromagnetic wave. The spatial and temporal coherence of the laser beam is… Read Article →

ig tv

TV becomes social

Youtube, Facebook and even Linkedin have long opened their doors to videos. To missing one, among them, was  Instagram. I said was, as now it has. With a difference though. To not be a copy of what has already been proposed in the online world, Instagram offers a real social TV. IG TV From June 21st, a new symbol, the TV icon, is viewable on each Instagram account. And from… Read Article →