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ERP: the choise to organize your company

Technology often helps a company in multiple situations. Even the company organization is one of these. Organizing a company at a management level, but also to have a complete ideas of costs and resources is essential. To do this you can use an Italian open source management software. More specifically, the choice could fall on an ERP.  What is an ERP? First of all, let’s explain what an ERP is:… Read Article →

Novak greenhouses-and-gardening

Novak greenhouses and gardening

NOVAK has been marketing and manufacturing laser and gps graders since 1983. We have already talked about this before, but it is good to go deeper into the subject. Novak products Novak products are many but their main function is to facilitate the performance of a job. Jobs in the field of agriculture, construction, and yet greenhouses and gardening. So let’s see right away how Novak focuses on two particular… Read Article →

laser technology

Laser technology in working machines

Laser technology made its debut in the seventies and since then the sectors in which it is used have grown dramatically. What is the laser? The laser is a device capable of emitting a coherent light beam. The term refers not only to the device but also to the physical phenomenon of amplification by stimulated emission of an electromagnetic wave. The spatial and temporal coherence of the laser beam is… Read Article →

Diadema dispenser

Diadema, a world between products and technology

Diadema has always been a leader company with a strong inclination towards technology and innovation. Furthermore, another feature, a plus, is the fact of being Made in Italy. Products and technology As we have just mentioned, Diadema products are characterized by being technological, but that’s not all. An elegant and innovative design is guaranteed. And to master, let’s see in detail some of these products: the built-in beer dispenser, the… Read Article →


Apps are usefull even to travel

Summer holidays are coming and the desire to relax is growing strongly. So today we talk about this, but also about technology. Yes‎, because travel and technology find a common denominator in the Apps. What’s an App Let’s see what an App is: In IT, a mobile application (also known by the abbreviation app) is a software application dedicated to mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. The best Apps… Read Article →

Novak grader

Novak and its vehicle for agriculture

The leading company in the laser and GPS technology machines sector is definitely NOVAK. NOVAK was founded in 1984 and since then has been a reference for everything that is a vehicle for agriculture. A leading company that knows how to renew and grow continuously. Novak and its products Novak product ranges from small graders and scraperes to a large grader with a pantograph on the rear axle. The period… Read Article →

EasyDot stampa

EasyDot: print services

The company Easy Dot srl was born in 2009 thanks to Maurizio Sanzone, previously employed by Timsons Italia from 11 until its closure. The idea of this company was born to give a service to all those who relied on the old company now closed . Who is EasyDot? We have already reported some data, such as the year of its birth and its founder, but it is better to… Read Article →

Grader MAra

Maralaser, graders for over 30 years

The Mara company was founded in 1986 and since then has been designing, manufacturing and distributing ground graders controlled by both laser and gps systems. What’s a grader? To define a grader, we can state that: The grader is a machine equipped with a blade, which is used to move land from one site to another. Using this machine you can even level the ground with a blade that can… Read Article →

Mutifunction products Diadema

Multifunctionality and design, let’s talk about Diadema products

Design is a keyword if we want a trendy home. But the desgin is not the only characteristic that has to move our choice. Even the word multifunctionality is an option to be seriously considered. Diadema is the brand that is right for us: it is able to incorporate multifunctionality and design in appliances such as the coffee machine and the oven. But let’s see them specifically. Multifunction coffee machine Compact… Read Article →

Diadema Products

Technology: the must in Diadema’s products

Careful choice of quality materials and high value components, and still application of the latest technologies, this is how the Diadem products are created and studied. The standard is certainly above average, tending to the top of the range. What is most striking is the use of advanced technology in what is now common appliances. Two built-in appliances Yet, we have only talked about it marginally, only mentioned them. The… Read Article →