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Maralaser, graders for over 30 years

Grader MAra

The Mara company was founded in 1986 and since then has been designing, manufacturing and distributing ground graders controlled by both laser and gps systems.

What’s a grader?

To define a grader, we can state that:

The grader is a machine equipped with a blade, which is used to move land from one site to another. Using this machine you can even level the ground with a blade that can be of different sizes. These machines are mainly used in the agricultural sector to make the land more coherent for the use of other machinery and in construction, even for paving works.

The products

24 models of graders, 7 pushing graders and 5 scraper: this is the range of products offered by the company.

Furthermore, it is necessary to mention the different type of control with which these machines work: let’s talk about the laser or gps system, or the combination of both.

How to choose the most suitable product?

Based on your needs, you can identify which tool is more suitable to you.

The laser technology creates a reference plane that is intercepted by the receiver positioned on the machine. The control box interprets the data and optimizes the blade height continuously.

The GPS is instead regulated by the signals from the satellites and allows to determine its position (x, y, z). The control box and the software decode the data, checking the position of the instrument and blade height.

The laser and gps system controls the height of the blade and the position of the machine respectively. In this way, a machining program is automatically obtained with the estimate of time and costs.

Obviously to choose what is right for you it is good to rely on the team of Mara who will advise you the best.

To find out more about the products and view the entire range, the Mara company website is available.


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