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TV becomes social

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Youtube, Facebook and even Linkedin have long opened their doors to videos. To missing one, among them, was  Instagram. I said was, as now it has.
With a difference though.
To not be a copy of what has already been proposed in the online world, Instagram offers a real social TV.


From June 21st, a new symbol, the TV icon, is viewable on each Instagram account.
And from that moment on, it is possible for each user to view new content: videos, in fact.
Let’s say that the similarity with YouTube is strong, but in this case anyone who is subscribed to Ig has the ability to upload their own videos and open their own IGTV channel whose contents can be viewed by all subscribers.

Instagram already allowed to upload video, but only short ones, while now you can reach 10 minutes.

What differs from other social is visibility only and exclusively vertically. If you’re wondering why, the answer is simple : users like it the most.


After entering the IG TV thanks to the button mentioned, 4 sections appear: For you, Follow, popular and keep watching.
There is also a search field to be able to select the videos more easily.

In particular: in the section people Follow you can see videos of those who are part of your contacts, instead in “For you” is the app itself that proposes video, while on Popular you will find the most viewed videos and on Keep watching there are the videos that you started whatching but, for some reason, abandoned.

Do we need IGTV?

Instagram has implemented this not to miss a large number of users. In fact the tendency is to leave more and more the classic TV in favor of online video.

Will it be a success?  Will the Stories die instead?
Time will tell!

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