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Travelling and taste

Travelling and Taste

The trip is not complete if you do not taste the local cuisine: dishes, specialties, typical products.

Abroad, the comparison with our own cuisine is not so easy.

Traveling with taste

But the fact remains that the knowledge of a new place also passes through the taste, so we cannot just forget about this aspect.
The suggestion is to try.

Of course if the ants and grasshoppers cause nausea at the thought, you can find alternatives. Usually fruits and vegetables, or desserts are more “easily tasted”.

And what’s even better is to opt for local, organic cultures.

Organic farming

And since we are more and more often talking about organic farming, let’s see what it is , also because even abroad it is best to opt for this solution:

Organic agriculture is a type of agriculture that exploits the natural fertility of the soil, encouraging it with limited interventions, it wants to promote the biodiversity of domestic species (both plants and animals), it excludes the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms ( GMOs).

Studies have shown that cultivating land following the basic rules of organic farming leads to a healthy soil and, with it, the surrounding nature. In addition there will be benefits on the crops themselves that will grow luxuriant enough to satisfy a greater need of people than the cultivation of other nature.

However, this does not mean any use of technology: there are tools that make it easier to get started, such as laser levelers capable of giving the right shape to the ground, or professional irrigation systems that compensate for the lack of water.

Among the companies that deal with agricultural machinery we find Novak, leader in the production of laser and gps graders.

Outside our country

But let’s return to our journey beyond the borders.

Probably we will never know if the machines used on the land from which the food we have in the dish in front of us derives are those of Novak, but the important thing for us will be to try this feature of the journey that also passes through taste.

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