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Technology: the must in Diadema’s products

Diadema Products

Careful choice of quality materials and high value components, and still application of the latest technologies, this is how the Diadem products are created and studied.

The standard is certainly above average, tending to the top of the range.
What is most striking is the use of advanced technology in what is now common appliances.

Two built-in appliances

Yet, we have only talked about it marginally, only mentioned them.
The time has come to describe them and appreciate their characteristics, because the technology they hold is  truly admirable.

Multifunction steam oven with ionizer

Technology, technology and even technology added in this multifunction oven.

In fact, steam cooking is combined with an ionisation system that purifies the air through an oxidation-reduction process.
In this way, germs, bacteria, but also molds, vapors and chemical fumes are broken down.

Nowadays we try, with reason, to address towards a healthy and balanced diet.
From this point of view, the cooking method is also very important.
The baking is one of the lightest and the steaming is among the most suitable because it allows to transmit heat to the food and cook it without direct contact with water thus avoiding the dispersion of nutritional components.

With this oven, you can therefore combine two of the best methods of food preparation with minimal energy consumption: in short, a considerable saving of time and money!

Multi-function coffee machine

Where to find a good coffee if not at the bar? Diadema’s multi-function coffee machine has nothing to envy to that of the café at the corner of the street or downtown.

Once again, we are talking about a high-tech appliance, entirely created in stainless steel that can be incorporated into your kitchen, giving it an extra.

To discover all the other Diadema products, you can access their website.


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