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Travelling by car

When travelling by car…

One of the most common means of transport is definitely the car. Although the offer at our disposal is very wide. But this is what: Italians prefer the car. As proof of this, just think of the exodus and against the exodus due to the summer holidays in August. So we choose the car, but not because it is the safest means of transport, indeed. There are several risks that… Read Article →

New Car Warranty RPM

Changing your car, the steps

Changing your car in favor of a new one – sometimes even used – is often done according to specific needs. For example if the car has already traveled many miles or has already several years. But many times, especially in Italy, the change is made to chase a trend more than a necessity. Be carefull, though! The change must be made according to criteria¬† not to experience unpleasant surprises…. Read Article →