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RPM Garantie: the warranty in the automotive sector


Professionalism and reliability supported by 13 years of activity make  RPM Garantie, a leading company in the automotive sector, more specifically in the guarantees related to the law of conformity.

To complete the offer,  there are also several offices located throughout Europe.

The law of conformity

First of all we have to define the Legal Warranty of Conformity to get a clear picture of what we are talking about.

The consumption code (Legislative Decree No. 206/2005) articles 128-135 obliges the seller to guarantee to the consumers the conformity of the purchased good with the characteristics and quality offered. The seller is therefore responsible for the conformity defects existing at the time of delivery of the goods for all products sold in his stores.

It is therefore a law that protects the buyer who finds himself with a defective good, In this case, it is the seller’s responsibility.

In particular

In we want to be even more specific about the functioning of this protection: a product or an asset is subject to the protection of the law of conformity if it presents a defect at the time of purchase or within the first 24 months of purchase.

In this case, the buyer can request the replacement or repair of the item itself. The seller who supplied the goods will be responsible for all this.

Chronos 36:  the warranty extension

In the automotive sector, we find  RPM Garantie, specialist in the correct application of the Legal Warranty of Conformity.

We are now going to consider the warranty extension Chronos 36 . This warranty is applicable to new, business or zero-km vehicles and ensures “vital” parts of the vehicle.

For example, the engine is guaranteed in its entirety: from pistons to piston rings, from the oil pump to other components of the engine itself. It also includes elements such as the intercooler and the waste gate valve, the braking system and all the main driving components.

No more unexpected and unpleasant surprises with this guarantee and with RPM Garantie.

All the details can be viewed on the website: RPM Garantie

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