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Pantone 2018 and the colour of the year


This year will be a provocative and thoughtful at the same time.
At least, so decided Pantone, the American brand which is “law in terms of colour ranges”.
Yes, because the most trendy color of the year is A18-3838, also called Ultra Violet.

The History

In 1963, Herbert Lawrence created an innovative system of identification, correspondence and communication of colours to solve the problems associated with the production and chromatic combinations in the graphic arts community.

In short, a method was needed to unite various sectors in identifying and recognizing a particular gradation.


This is how Pantone was born. Nowaday, it represents that set of chromatic scales identified by letters and numbers.

Today, the name Pantone is known all over the world. And, besides being the famous catalogue of colors, it is also the name of the company that created it.

The trendy colour of the year

Every year, starting from 2000, a color that will represent symbolically all the year in progress is elected.
The colour is decreed after a selection that takes into account the trends in the show and in the cinema, but draws also from the exhibitions, the new artists and the sporting events.


This year, 2018, will be represented by a brilliant shade, halfway between purple and blue.
His technical name is A18-3838, Ultra Violet.
Particular and intense, aimed at getting us away from the frenzy and finding, instead, a sense of peace and reflection.

Not only fashion and catwalks

But it will not only be the color of fashion, even the world of beauty, furniture, design are strongly influenced by this recommendation.
So it will not be difficult to understand why the big Brands of different sectors will be sharing the same idea of color.

A purple world, which, on balance, really seems to be super trendy!

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