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Novak greenhouses and gardening

Novak greenhouses-and-gardening

NOVAK has been marketing and manufacturing laser and gps graders since 1983.
We have already talked about this before, but it is good to go deeper into the subject.

Novak products

Novak products are many but their main function is to facilitate the performance of a job. Jobs in the field of agriculture, construction, and yet greenhouses and gardening.

So let’s see right away how Novak focuses on two particular sectors.


The use of NOVAK laser levelers and scrapers in agriculture brings substantial economic benefits to the customer, who will quickly be repaid for their investment in the leveling machine. As evidence of this, you can immediately see significant reductions not only in the water consumption needed for field irrigation, but also in the time necessary for irrigation. A uniform surface, in fact, allows adequate water flow, ensuring that the correct amount is used at each point of the agricultural field. The possibility of varying the blade incidence angle during operation gives peace of mind for any type of terrain, from the hardest to the softest, always maintaining a high operating speed.

Greenhouse and gardening

In order to improve the quantitative yield of greenhouses as well as the appealing presentation of gardens, nowadays, the use of laser leveling has become indispensable in terrain management. Both for greenhouses and for gardening, a proper plane for water flow, fertilizers, and nutrients greatly simplifies work, reduces fatigue, and in this way improves the end result.

NOVAK has a special range of levelers characterized by their small size, and because of this they are easy to use, even in confined spaces. The required towing power is very low and therefore already available tractors may be used for the traction of these leveler machines.

What are the advantages with Novak?

Novak certainly offers advantages for those who decide to rely on them:

  • certainty of a work done to perfection
  • perfect aesthetics
  • improving the response of lawns and fields

More details and information, visiting the Novak website.

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