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Multifunctionality and design, let’s talk about Diadema products

Mutifunction products Diadema

Design is a keyword if we want a trendy home. But the desgin is not the only characteristic that has to move our choice.
Even the word multifunctionality is an option to be seriously considered.

Diadema is the brand that is right for us: it is able to incorporate multifunctionality and design in appliances such as the coffee machine and the oven.

But let’s see them specifically.

Multifunction coffee machine

Compact and entirely made of stainless steel, this coffee machine offers professional performance that gives a really good coffee.

The Diadema multifunction coffee machine, as its name suggests, allows you to “autonomously serve” a good cup of coffee directly at home.
And so nobody will regret the bar on rainy days.

Multifunction steam oven with ionizer

Elegant, but above all excellent for health. I’m talking about the multifunction steam oven with ionizer.

This oven has really unique characteristics as it is able to combine steaming and oven cooking, thus offering cooked food in the best possible way.
In fact, it is well known that steam cooking does not disperse the nutritional elements and the baked one is instead one of the lightest. Combined together, we really get great levels for food preparation.

To all this we still have to add the ionization function.
What is it for?
This particular system allows to purify the air through an oxidation-reduction process that leads to eradicate molds, germs, bacteria, vapors and chemical fumes.

The other Diadema products

The multifunction coffee machine and the multifunction steam oven with ionizer are just two of the products in the Diadema catalogue.

Features that unites them all are certainly elegance and the search for functionality that is reflected in the use of the latest technologies.

To find out all the Diadema products, simply query the company website.

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