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Renting, whether it’s a house, a holiday home or even a tool or work vehicle, is something which is becomming more and more common.

What is meant by “Renting”

Although it is obvious let’s see what is meant by “rent something”:

The lease, in law, constitutes the contract with which a party (called landlord) is obliged to allow another person (tenant) to use one thing for a certain period in exchange for a specific fee.

On holiday? Yes, but for rent

The increasingly popular trend  among travelers is to prefer the rental of a holiday home, which can be a real home or an apartment,  instead of staying in a hotel.

For this reason, as a result of this trend, more and more sites and portals were born  for this purpose: to collect private homes made available to be rented.
We can mention names like: AirBnb, HomeAway, Vrbo …

In the working field

As mentioned also the world of work is often oriented towards the rent of machinery.

One example is CGT trucks, which has based part of its business on long-term hire of work vehicles.

The CGT Trucks rental offer includes both the short (1 to 12 month) and long-term (12 to 48 months) formula.

Here the advantages :

  • Vehicle ready for delivery
  • Ordinary maintenance and repairs included in the fee
  • Roadside assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Replacement machine in the event of a stop greater than 3 days
  • Global Insurance Coverages (RCA, Theft / Fire-Kasko)
  • Stamp and revisions
  • No capital immobilization
  • Predetermined fees and 100% tax deductible
  • Minimum advances
  • No restrictions on their bank credit lines
  • Use of technologically advanced and new vehicles (Euro5 / 6)
  • In line with the emissions legislation


  • It guarantees the flexibility in adapting to the market and to the tips of work dictated by seasonality
  • It is possible to transform it into Long Rental with increasingly advantageous rates
  • No financial exposure
  • You can choose the right machine for the specific job to be done
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