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Emotional Grand Motel: thematic rooms and great emotions


Taking a break and spending time to try and feel new emotions is now possible at the Emotional Grand Motel.

Charme and luxury meet in this location with a single purpose: to live a unique experience.


Emotional Grand Motel: emotion of a thousand shades

To understand what I’m talking about, we have to imagine 53 thematic rooms with evocative names: Charme à Paris, Grease, Love Island, Tropical Beach, Oasis, Celebrity, Waterlily.

It is here that we can sleep in a luxurious and elegant box of powder or in an original flaming red Cadillac. Take refuge in a real tropical paradise or take a shower in a perfume bottle …

At Emotional Grand Motel everything is sensuality, elegance, emotion … an emotion of a thousand shades.

Where can you find it?

The time has come to unveil where this luxury motel is located. It is located in Fontaneto d’Agogna (Novara), not far from the Borgomanero motorway exit.

The Emotional Grand Motel is the first and only in Europe of its kind and it is able to satisfy every customer, even the most demanding who will have at his disposal different types of rooms: Business, Luxury, Junior Suite and Emotional Suite.

Other musts: privacy and cleanliness

Then there are two musts that this luxury motel guarantees. We are talking about privacy and cleanliness.

The utmost respect for privacy is guaranteed even in the smallest detail: it is possible, for example, to reserve a meal or a quick snack and find it ready in the convenient hatchway with which each room is equipped. Or park your car in front of your room and access it privately.

Even the cleaning of the rooms and forniture, as well as bed linen and towels is of the highest importance: mini-pools, whirlpools, showers and toilets are thoroughly disinfected while the laundry receives a certified wash.

In short, every detail is taken care of at the Emotional Grand Motel to ensure an unforgettable experience, total relax to awaken the senses, but above all the emotion.

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