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Elegance and privacy at the Emotional Grand Motel

Emotional grand motel

Luxury, elegance and privacy.
Three fundamental words, apparently so different, that find a common confluence at the Emotional Grand Motel.

Emotional Grand Motel

Close to Novara, more precisely at the exit of the motorway A26, there is a luxury motel  unique throughout Europe.
An innovative and high class structure able to accommodate and satisfy the demands of the most demanding customer.

Escaping from the daily time to a day or a few hours of new and unique emotions are the concept on which the ideology of this luxury motel is based.

The rooms are the attraction

In this structure, passion, emotion and glamour meet and melt giving rise to unique rooms.

Luxurious and evocative settings, of great class and charm. Seductive and intimate at the same time.
The rooms of this luxory motel are capable of great sensuality and hospitality.

You just have to choose your type to feel at ease: Emotional suite, Junior Suite, Luxury, Business.

What we like

We appreciate being able to choose according to our taste or mood of the moment: this is certainly a winning formula.
In fact the room can be selected through the emotion, the color or the experience that suits us best.

And then the privacy:

  • Check-in and check-out are made by your car
  • The rooms have a food pass
  • The windows of the suites darken automatically thanks to curtains as soon as the room is occupied
  • Access to the rooms is direct and reserved with private parking in front of the entrance

And finally, let’s not forget a fundamental feature: cleanliness and hygiene. Aspects to which the staff is very attentive.
Certified washing of sheets and linens, as well as a thorough cleaning of the spas, whirlpool baths, showers and bathrooms.

In short, a luxury to be indulged and try at least once to find that passion, perhaps, forgotten.



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