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E-shop: all the solutions to create it


More and more often we hear about online business that is definitely the future.

To expand its own visibility and customers or to start a new business, more and more users are turning to the e-commerce world.

But how to do it? What are the possibilities to open your e-shop?

What is an e-shop?

First of all, let’s try to understand what an e-shop is specifically:

The expression online store (or online store, virtual shop, more rarely with English expressions webshop and online shop ) refers to a type of electronic commerce in which the means of realization of the purchase is the website, and in which the economic transaction takes place, in fact, entirely via the internet.

How to open an e-shop

There are several solutions that you can take to open your e-shop.

The first is definitely to create the e-commerce in a professional way. In this case the website acts as a showcase of the products or services thanks to the ad hoc creation. We suggest  to contact specialists of the sectorr, such as Softplace, who will be able to create your online store.

Other solutions may be to take advantage of other portals that make available the possibility of creating a virtual store within their own store.
In this regard we can mention eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Blomming.
All these sites give the opportunity to insert, after registration, the products in a virtual showcase and put them on sale.
Depending on the portal you choose there will be different conditions: an entry fee and / or a percentage on sales.

We also point out that another alternative method to create an e-shop is to take advantage of social networks like Facebook and Instagram that provide a marketplace, so a real virtual store where you can sell your products.
In this case you will need to first open a Facebook or Instagram account.

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