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Diadema, Italian products and services


I would like to introduce you an Italian company that sells made in Italy products , which is also innovative and with an excellent value for money.  Its name is Diadema.

Diadema works in Italy selling Made in Italy products, but also beyond national borders.It also offerers assistance to local companies for the market of Italian quality products.

The mission

Diadema based its mission on two important aspects:

  • Selling the made in Italy value of its Branded products, not only in Italy but also abroad
  • Meet the needs of the customer company, creating commercial channels without risks

The products

Diadema products combine aesthetics and functionality. The choice of quality materials and components and a cutting-edge technology is reflected in innovative products.

Some of the products sold are: temperature blast chiller, beer dispenser, multi-function oven with steam and ionizers, coffee machine, ice water machine.

What is striking is the integrated use of Blutooth technology, in some cases, but especially the stylish and quality design.

Services for companies

Diadema focuses on the relationship with companies so much to offer packages of services to meet their needs.
There are three different offers:

  • Business Scouting: identification of markets and counterparties that may be interested in the business.
  • Business Development: Support to the company during the first phase of creation and commercial development
  • Approval: provides support for certifications and checks of products on the territory of sale.

To whom does Diadema address?

Diadema is aimed at companies of the Italian territory that excel for innovation, workmanship, design and quality of materials. Made in Italy is the must and the keyword and to fit in the international market with its own brand, in OEM or Diadema brand.

Choosing Diadema, both for the products and for the services, means to meet the reliability and above all to embrace the style Made in Italy.

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