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Changing your car, the steps

New Car Warranty RPM

Changing your car in favor of a new one – sometimes even used – is often done according to specific needs.
For example if the car has already traveled many miles or has already several years.
But many times, especially in Italy, the change is made to chase a trend more than a necessity.

Be carefull, though! The change must be made according to criteria  not to experience unpleasant surprises.

Test drive

One of the first steps is to perform a test drive of the vehicle you want to buy.

Although beautiful and trendy, it does not expressly mean that the car is right for you.

The Test Drive or “driving test” is:

an option that the car dealership offers to the potential buyer of the car. This is a road test of the car.
The Test Drive is nothing more than a test that is very often granted by the car dealership to which one turns to buy a used or new car.
The test takes place on board the car that you intend to purchase or for which a potential interest is nourished.

And if the car does not come from a dealer, but from a private seller, the same road test request can be made. The owner will be at your side on the car during it .

Pay attention on insurance: make sure it is valid.

On the road and insurance

Once you have made your choice and then purchased your new car, remember to think about changing owner and insurance.

Guarantees after purchase

What else can be done?
After the purchase, you can think of protecting yourself more by stipulating additional guarantees.

What kind of guarantees and with whom to stipulate them?
The answer in this case is easy: you can rely on RPM Garantie, which provides different types of conventional warranty on both new and used cars.

But that’s not all, RPM also takes care of the legal guarantee of conformity.

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