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An emotional break at the Emotional Grand Motel


Time runs faster and faster and we often find ourselves tired and stressed … almost emptied.
A break is what we need.
And why not, an emotional break could be a pleasant experience for anyone.

And this is precisely what the Emotional Grand Motel offers.

We are talking about a structure that is unique, a Luxury Motel near Borgomanero, whose characteristic and purpose is to give relax and emotions to its guests.

A unique luxury Motel

Whether you are a engaged or married couple, the Emotional Grand Motel will be able to offer you unique services:


Check-in and Check-out are carried out by your own car. Rooms have pass-through windows. The windows of the suites on the first floor are obscured by curtains that automatically descend while entering the room.

Hygiene guaranteed

Maximum hygiene is guaranteed in all the rooms through the certified washing of sheets and linens, the thorough cleaning of mini-pools, whirlpools, showers and baths. TV remote controls are sanitized and packaged in disposable bags.

Direct access to the room

The rooms have direct and private access with a private parking in front of the entrance. A curtain drops when the car is parked. Special barriers placed in each car garage prevent the view between one parking and another.

Focus on rooms

Rooms are the real attraction: equipped with mini-pools or even waterfalls, each one is unique and recreates real scenographies.
Luxurious, welcoming and elegant.

And since each room is different from another, the problem is about choosing the one that suits you. How to choose?

There are two suggestions to be followed: rely on emotions or colors …


You are in the temple dedicated to emotions, let yourself go, leave all control, decide what you want to live today.


To each wish corresponds a desire that represents it. For each suite an emotion. Choose yours!

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