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A pink world at the Emotional Grand Motel


The world is now invaded by hotels and hotel chains, but the novelty and the peculiarity really make the difference. Just outside Novara, we find this: a unique hotel of its kind.
It is the Emotional Grand Motel.

Tuareg camps, tropical paradises and even a flaming red Cadillac, are just a part of the spectacular room layouts that populate this structure.

Thematic rooms

Everything revolves around them: the thematic rooms.
We are talking about 50 thematic Suites to get into and get lost, looking for pleasure.

Mini-pools, suspended sofas, whirlpools, large showers of exceptional dimensions (4 sqm), chromotherapy … are just some of the details that can be found in these suites.

To complete the offer, real sets: original and exclusive, intriguing and evocative, aimed at the search for emotion.

On balance we are facing a unique structure of its kind throughout Europe.

A pink world: the celebrity suite

A parallel world that turns out in pink. A pink of a thousand shades, all the shades of emotion and pleasure.
57 meters of comfort and pleasure: that is the Celebrity suite.

A total pink look, from the walls to the ceiling. Pink is also the round bed, but the monochrome is broken by a precious golden cage.

A pink world: to rediscover all the nuances of pleasure.

The other suites

The Celebrity suite is not the only offer of the Emotional Grand Motel.

Grease, Ninfea, Charme à Paris, Love Island, Tropical Beach, Oasis, are just a few examples of other thematic rooms that can be found. The names evoke emotions, which  will certainly have the upper hand inside them.

In addition, each room, wheter it interprets the mood of a cave or a Gothic castle, a beach or a local lap dance, a drive in the 50s or the room of scarface, is equipped with multiple screens, with whirlpools, showers, mini-pools, relaxation areas.

To discover all the rooms of the structure, we invite you to view the website: Emotional Grand Motel.

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